"The Monster" with Portland Chamber Orchestra

Photos: Rachel Hadiashar           Artwork: Liz Gill Neilson

Resonance Ensemble had a great time performing with Portland Chamber Orchestra for their "Halloween Monsterbash." Resonance Ensemble sang in the World Premiere of The Monster by composer Duncan Neilson, with visuals by Liz Gill Neilson. James Bash, from Oregon Music News had this to say about the performance:

"The orchestra, in collaboration with the Resonance Ensemble, gave the world premiere of Duncan Neilson’s The Monster. In this piece, Neilson told the story of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein from the point of view of the monster, and the music and text conveyed a lot of symphony for his plight. Neilson deftly distilled the novel and gave the choir enough text to depict the monster’s feelings and thoughts. One of the most serene moments came when the monster proclaimed that he “would make peace with all mankind.” The choir sounded terrific..."

Photo: Rachel Hadiashar